Scratch Pasta Co.


Scratch Pasta was begun by Chef Stephanie Fees in Lynchburg, Virginia. After years of working as a professional chef in New York City and The Greenbrier in West Virginia, she settled back in her hometown to run the kitchen at West Manor Estate, a local wedding venue. While at West Manor, Stephanie had the opportunity to attend ‘pasta school,’ in Chiavari, Italy, studying the many and varied authentic pastas and sauces of Italy, and was inspired to start a pasta shop in Lynchburg to bring fresh, homemade pastas to her hometown.

Scratch Pasta uses the simplest ingredients possible to create high-quality, artisan pasta. We extrude our pastas using solid brass dies, and dry it at low temperatures for at least two days to preserve the natural color and flavor of our ingredients. Most pastas are vegan, with simply semolina flour and filtered water as the main ingredients. We use locally sourced vegetables and flavorings whenever possible to create unique and unusual pasta flavors, including our signature Squid Ink Pappardelle and Tomato, Basil, and Roasted Garlic fusilli. Pasta shapes and flavors change weekly, so please check Facebook and Instagram for our latest offerings!

While we sell the largest variety of fresh and dried pastas at local farmer’s markets, some varieties of our pastas are available in specialty dishes in area restaurants (marked in red) and local food and grocery stores (marked in green).

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